‘Yes Please’ Poehler

I have to say this book was a bit of a surprise.


I was expecting the typical autobiography of any comedian, their childhood, their first experience of comedy and their life in the midst of it. Whilst this book had those components they were not the way I expected them.
A mix of the wonderful lady who has a ton (and I mean a ton) of famous friends, a lady who takes her sons to see the moon and goes to orphanages in Haiti is the woman who took drugs and shouts swear words at irritating get people.

I have to say at the end of the book I still have one question – who is Amy? It’s pretty major really. I liked some of her life lessons and her humorous opinions on relationships she was straight forward and I liked that. But sometimes she seemed a bit like Jeckyll and Hyde. She was changeable and at some points I was getting to see the real Amy and other times I felt like I was reading about a persona she wanted to present, someone she liked to describe as “badass”. I think I prefer sweet Amy.

A little part of me really hoped she would  basically just be Leslie Knope from her sitcom mockumentary ‘Parks and Recreation’ someone who stuck to the rules, who was ordinary and loved everyone. Both Amy and Leslie are passionate and both of them have jobs that they love and for both of them their personal and public life merge often.

Amy Poehler primarily does comic improvisation and spent a lot of her life as part of the Upright Citizens Brigade where she worked and performed in many theaters. She is a Boston girl through and through and went to college there although later moved to Chicago, where she met Tina Fey, then New York. She has also worked on Saturday Night Live where many of the comedy greats in America have found their fame like Andy Samburg and Seth Meyers. She got onto update and did a range of impersonations and apparently has a “great face for wigs” she has met Hillary Clinton  (who even congratulated her on the birth of her first son) and others like Alec Baldwin and Betty White (who made her look forward to getting older).

I have to say that although I’m sad that one of my favourite actresses took drugs and has actual flaws I have to say she has an incredible work ethic and was working right up to her due date.

Overall, I would say if you get a chance take a read but don’t worry too much about it. I am glad I read it and I feel I know a bit more about her but I am still trying get to figure Amy Poehler out.

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